Monday, April 18, 2011

Art of Kissing

I had never had so many questions and asks for advices about relationships than during the last two weeks. It's like I am a somekind of psychologist, or what.. hotline?? No.. seriously. :D :D Maybe it's just because I am a person that would always be happy to help. AND I  AM. Excited about Spring and all this stuff, inspired by all those different love stories I've recently heard... Actually one of them I couldn't mention (she lives far away and never read my blog.. will forgive me anyway :P) is about one girl who is in love with the guy so much for already 4 years.. and he still doesn't know.. It is so hard to keep your feelings inside. Why not just tell? And let it go? Even if it will be the end...

Art of Kissing? :)) When I first so the Aquascutum ad campaign a year ago I knew there will be some more brands using the KISS..

Soft, sweet, velvet lips and eyes that long for a kiss
Yet so often it is the smile you wear I miss
And the enchanting flicker in your eyes as we meet
With the breeze so calm and the music so low
Time nearly stands still or perhaps continues slow
The ground feels as if its fallen from beneath our feet
Have the stars ever looked so beautiful up above?
And is this how it feels to be in love?
If so I surely will never retreat

Next photo reminded me a story of "The Thorn Birds". I remember us (the girls from our class) reading this book in 9th grade and discussing it in a toilet...:D This is a love story of a young girl and a priest..

Another girls' book "Gone With the Wind". Classic

Paris Mon Amour

These photos are by Michael Creagh

Kate Moss and Tea L. for LOVE Magazine

Every kiss has its own story.


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