Monday, May 9, 2011

The Sunday Times

This is craziness. I still manage to post my weekend photo diary! Dedicated to you, relatives.

"Rumours" CAN be boring. 
Although I liked the kitchen (after several times visiting). Music was also good, sometimes a little bit too loud, but still.. 
Didn't get the idea of tiny dinner tables. There were to of us and I though that our table would have been too small for four persons. The staff didn't even wanted to give us this one at first, we only got it when we said that we were actually going to eat. )) Funny

Kadriorg is still in the same place and has already opened its fountains. And of course my favorite place to lounge - Park Cafe's terrace, as cosy as always and as quiet as it can be in this kind of weather.

This picture is taken in Kadriorg as well, but in the late evening. After the whole day spent downtown, we decided to have a little break on the playground.. but it was already absolutely freezing cold. We were lucky to have some warm clothes in the trunk.

Juuksur is another interesting place to visit. "First hairdresser where scissors are not welcomed" - as it's said on their facebook page. 
I like this picture, I like half-pictures :D You never know, why it was taken like that.

Surtsey Sounds. Rockband from St.Petersburg

Sorry for being late.


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