Monday, August 1, 2011

Catching relax

Since I've been busy almost every day of this summer, but still actually can't even describe what I've been doing.. I decided not to torture myself and calm down a little bit. So, probably it could be a reason why I am back to my blog duty))))

Although I've almost forgotten how does my keyboard looks I am still more than sure to say goodbye to it for some time.. maybe even this month. Just take a week of holiday in a nice place and rest. 
I think August is the best time to relax before fall begins to show up. I hope I will catch some of these days when it's already raining in Tallinn and is still hot in Southern Europe. My thoughts are already somewhere there..

The best thing to relax is to think of your upcoming vacation.. well it counts when it IS actually upcoming. :D 
And that's what I am going to do.

Thinking of a wardrobe the first thing which comes to my mind is swimwear. My favorites for the season (and of course not only mine) are retro cuts or bodysuits. And I also should not forget about changing them day to day because of the tan marks.. Another thing is a turban which is a must-have. You can make it yourself just out of your favorite silk scarf. 

I don't actually love to wear all other accessories like earrings and stuff while being on the beach... Just couldn't imagine swimming with them or even sitting near the pool as far as it is not a pool party which is absolutely another thing. But I am afraid my comfort is not a privilege to my fashion sense and that's why I take some and put them in my beach bag.. just in any instance you know :D
And of course a hat.. Although I am dreaming of Prada one, I still got my vintage 60's hat which I bought in Genoa, Italy last summer..

Stripes are so trendy.. maybe get some tan stripes? :D

I will continue with my wishlist tomorrow...

Bye for now


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