Friday, November 11, 2011

30's hair and make up

Today we had an amazing opportunity to try on and to learn how to do 30's hairstyle and make up during our lesson in Art uni.
We actually did authentic finger waves exactly the way it was done in the third decade of 20 century. We used a special liquid gel, which was prepared by our teacher. It is made from linen seeds. Using this kind of fixation protects your fingers from sticking onto the hair, while you can easily form the right wave. 
Another typical thing is the right makeup. And it's all about color richness - thin eyebrows, smokey eyes and a bright, usually dark lipstick.

I had a nice little bundle

The gel we used for finger waving.

Did some photo-shooting right-a-way

I did Eva curly hair and smokey-gray makeup.

My hair under the fool moon.. 

Good night



  1. are you studying this? or are you studying fashion?
    anyway - aren't these decades amazing? love it!
    great blog, so cool!

  2. Hi! Thanx for the comment! :) I'm studying fashion but it also includes this kind of subjects. It's very cool! I love it! If I had a little bit more time I would post something every day!