Monday, March 26, 2012

The Pleat Trend

Pleated skirt became one of my favorite trends for the past three years, although it was first used only by highly-romantic-blogger-fashion-freaks and now it's finally arrived to almost every store. Remember, 5-6 years ago it was thought to be old-fashioned and meant to be worn only as a part of school uniform. 

Pleated fabric was first made long long time ago in 18th century and due to the complicated way of making it was used as a decoration motive.
Then, in 20's and 30's pleated skirt became a must-have. As a part of a dress, or separately.

In 40's and 50's the pleat began to widen. Both broad and narrow pleats were used.

In 60's, by the time the mini came to the ball, pleated skirts were short and had really wide folds.

Then, in 70's pressed pleated skirts had almost disappeared, as the soft, long heavy folds were in fashion.

In 80's and 90's and even maybe in the beginning of 00's pleated skirt was associated with school wear and used rarely in retro-inspired designs.

Today pleated skirt is a must-have again and I hope every girl/woman has bought one already. It can be mixed differently and worn both glamorous and bohemian styled. Even with sport footwear )

This season pleat is also as a part decoration: sleeves, collars, pants, peplum or back skirt


As for me I have already bought two beautiful knee-high and midi skirts last summer which I am very happy with.

buy, buy :D


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