Friday, April 13, 2012

Unes või ilmsi. Charity fashion-dance show

Yesterday I went to a very special-to-be event. It was organised to raise money for one of the Old town's primary school. I loved the concept and the opportunity to listen to a good life music ))) All that came after was also nice but you know how hard is to make me appreciate something..  :D
Actually the idea was quite fresh - to combine dance art and fashion, but the visual performance - the way I saw it as a viewer still wasn't that good enough to say "wow, this is something I would never forget". Not to mention our poor market and lack of imagination as well as lack of people. Fashion wasn't that good at all.. maybe OK for Tallinn, but not for me personally. As I saw all the dresses that were going to be used in the show I chose nothing for myself to fit my taste, despite the fact, that all designers had absolutely different styles. Of course, I turned my attention to some pieces during the show, but I would never noticed them in the brochure... please never use dancers as photo models anymore.. it was horrible.

As for the dance itself, it was quite fine.. maybe a little bit boring sometimes and the synchronicity wasn't ideal as well. There were 2 dancers which I absolutely loved, and I am happy I know one of them personally. Tights and shoes is another talk... You'll see everything by yourself.

the tights/shoes

nice model and style :P 

mini mini mini

the only model-dancer and dress that I loved 

the only actual dancer I loved )

Do not get upset


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