Monday, January 17, 2011

the sunday times

what so special about Sunday? for me it's a day when I usually do nothing.. procrastinate. Well, except one thing - I manage to concentrate on remembering of what I've done yesterday.. or during the week.

br.Michael by V.L.
 first of all I did some pictures of my recent works, you know in any instance :D

The boring One

then I did some sketches of the sp/sum or whatever collection.. these are supposed to be feathers

I visited my aunt Veronique and her husband, whose friends appeared to be very interesting people.

thats how I discovered an architect, artist and photographer Arne Maasik. His works are somehow special.

there is nomore such thing as Saturday night

Beautiful highlights

Got to know more about faux-furs, cigarettes and a young Monroe (damn, she was beautiful!!!), playing stupid little Hollywood star in "All About Eve" (1950)

Wunderkind Sp/Sum 2011

and thought I'd be nice to have something in stripes this summer


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