Sunday, February 27, 2011

One month in Spain. Day 1

I never knew one day could bring so much headache...starting from ticket troubles, lost luggage and a "hidden" car rental company, ending wiht double entering the wrong paid road. Never mind. 

Finally sitting in warm bed with cup of hot Lady Grey tea and thinking of a good monday start. Ended up in Elviria Hills which is only 8 minutes from the city of luxury yachts and boutiques - Marbella...

First day in Spain we did nothing. The reason for that - Sunday is a CLOSED day. Everything is closed. We've bought some things for tomorrow's breakfast in the 365 days open store and it cost us something about 70 euros! So, next time, no Sunday shopping, please.
The "never mind" day continued today when after travelling 80 km to Gibraltar (again, finding a NOT closed store on the Brittish land (and we weren't the only ones, so plus 45 minutes traffic jam)) we found ourselves in a car on the TOLL without any documents except driving license :) It was quite funny.. "Oh, passport? I thought we won't need any..."
Trying to figure out whose fault was not taking any warm clothes to this "Ocean BREEZE" we decided to have a nice lunch in a cosy fish restaurant in Linea, the Spanish border city to Gibraltar. Paella was really nice though.
And then finally in the end of the day I thought that it's far not too bad to have some good friends abroad... (thank you..)

Buenas noches, amigos.


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