Monday, February 28, 2011

One month in Spain. Day 2

Double trouble.. or maybe tripple trouble? "Never mind" day continues.

Today I decided to do "everything righted". It could have been rigth but Spanish goverment loves to give it's people rest, so I still had nothing more to do then go to GIbraltar. Yes, again! I just needed to buy Anna some shoes, because hers were broken. And so here we go again!
I will never forget this day.. it was lightly say HORRIBLE. I don't know what was wrong with me.. Missis Fortune walked away. For a day, or two.
It all started when finally reaching the border I found all the passports.. except Sergei's. It was a disaster! He cried that he would never ever travel with me again. We decided to leave him on the Spanish coast for an hour, while I would buy Anna new shoes and come back.
In the strange city, without driving license and first time driving new car with two little children sitting behind and crying... I was completely lost. I searched for a shopping centre and cought an eye on the Ocean ..something. Well, I though it was a big shopping centre. I parked my car inside, because the streets were all full. Took my babies (I had no trolly!!!) came out and asked for a kids' store. And then I realised that the only opportunity was to walk to a pedestrian shopping street that was on the other side of the street full of traffic.
Could you imagine me walking down the most crowdiest street in Gibraltar (!!! somewhere) holding a 10 kg child in one hand and 16 kg child in other... I have no idea how long this street was but I felt walking for ages till I finally got to Mothercare store, the only one there.
I have almost got new shoes, when I found out that I forgot my phone in the car and my son is already screaming for 5 minutes because he wanted to pee. I bought the shoes and went to find the nearest toilet. While assisting Alexander Anna took everything from my purse (and the passports). While I was putting everything together, Alexander opened the door (toilet) and went to the kitchen (the toliet was in the local bar).
Angry, tired and annoyed I walked all the way back. I felt like my left hand was parallised. Never mind.
On the last stop point I decided to buy an iceream and to take few minutes of rest , beacuse Alexander was hungry and he couldn't walk. When I've got the first one and handed it to Sasha, ordering the next one, I realise that I couldn't pay by card. The woman saw my face at that moment and the face of my son swallowing the tastiest thing she asked me if I could pay later. I said "yes" of course..although at that moment I've already looked for ATM everywhere and had already decided to just walk away (I stole an iceream!!??)
When I finally got to the parking area I came to pay for it and saw the "No credit cards" sign. I walked outside again (by the stairs and with two children who can hardly walk - I mean one of them didn't at all) the man near the cash machine told me that one hour of parking is free... So I went back.
In the car. Children are fastened. Looking for the ticket. Everywhere. It's gone! (Anna.. it the toilet..) I just couldn't believe it! I mean what the hell is going on today!
Outside. Looking for someone to help me find the parking office... or anything. The guy told me I should go otside, up the stairs and enter the business centre (????) near the fountain.
In the business centre. Behind the parking security office's glass. There is noone inside! The man sitting nearby and writing some papers told me I should call the number written on the paper which is glued to the window. I called. The guy told me he will be there in 3 minutes. We've  waited fo 20. He came and told me we should go to the car. And so we went... "Losing your ticket costs 20 pounds, you know, yeah? Is it, is it ok?"
Reaching the car.. I tell the guy I have no cash beacuse I thought I wouldn't need any due to the free hour of parking... And believe it or not he said it was ok.. He let us out without taking any money.... Strange isn't it? First icecream, then this..

And this weren't the only bad luck.. I may run out of paper... :) I thought that maybe it's a sign of having a good luck later this week... Who knows?

Any way, I have something to remember.

Rock of Gibraltar


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