Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 7. Agent Provocateur is on her mission

When you enter Puerto Banus - the famous boutique/yacht street in Marbella, the first thing you see is Agent Provocateur store.

Well, it's quite logical - the first thing you need when dressing up - is lingery.
Why do women need so expensive and beautiful lingerie, stockings and all this stuff? Not only to teese their men. It's psychological. It makes them feel more beautiful even with humble clothes on. It makes them feel more confident. Sexy, of course. Feeling sexy is not a sin, it's not bad. Every woman must feel sexy, some - sometimes, some - every minute..depands :)

Annd so I did my first purchase :P. It was interesting to mention that girls/women who work in the store are already addicted to the brand :D They buy something with almost every salary they get. Oh, I have this one and this one. That one was my first buy!""
The brand is very famous and is known as a luxury lingerie brand, but it also sells swimwear, bridal lingerie, sunglasses, perfumes, candles, massage olis and other things, even books about sex.

Agent Provocateur was founded by Joseph Corre, the son of Vivienne Westwood,  and his now ex-wife Serea Rees in 1994. The first store was opened in Soho with aims of selling high-end lingerie.
Rees--tired of seeing women dress in drab under garments--came up with an idea to start a lingerie store that was filled with colorful and fashion-forward lingerie. The couple initially set out to sell the best lingerie from around the world. After not finding enough of what they liked, the couple decided to create their own brand. (C)

Rees, along with Corre, developed a strict confidentiality agreement to protect their clientele. The brand since its inception has been widely received by the celebrity community as a result use celebrity models for most of their advertising campaigns. (C)

Things inside - only for VIP

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