Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dance more

Dance.. the world of body language.. or maybe even languages. Every move has its own thought, special unique message. Read it, and you will live the life of love and passion, sorrow and sensuousness...

Couple of days ago I discovered a new source of inspiration for myself. Ballet of Monte Carlo,  a conteporary descendant of legendary Ballets Russe.
I was really surprised to see that they are performing in Tallinn next month. I will definitely be there.

Ballet had a huge influence on fashion this year.. a specially after appearance of the Black Swan

Denisa Dvorakovva by Jason Schmidt for Vogue Russia

Valeria Melnyk by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey

Ming Xi & Hyoni Kang by Will Davidson for Dazed& Confused

And for the dessert.... Kate

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