Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inseneeeeeeerid, ehh inseneeerid

"Acid Aaaannnnd??>>()"
by Ruslan Bardash
Today we've been to a "special" fashion show. It's an annual tailors' and constructors' fashion show of the Tallinn Technical University... Well, Technical says it all, but unfortunately we haven't seen something we expected to.
I thought constructors' collection must be a masterpiece of tailoring... the target is not to impress by something very extraordinary with a "drunk" stitching on the back of miniskirt. Apparently I was wrong.
Although the winner wasn't the one me and my friend suggested to be :D, at least she had the best sketch..

"Monochrome" (Ailen Põld, Elise Kuusler, Merli Maidla, Grete Kiik)

"Street Glam" (Laura Sipelgas)
I promise to share if I get photos tomorrow...

Good night


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