Saturday, August 20, 2011

Berlin in 2 days

Sorry I didn't post about "the midis". I just thought it would be nice to go to Berlin for a couple of days :D At least it happened that way.

What so special about this city? After years of renovation and construction of an ex-soviet republic, the eastern Berlin is absolutely amazing. The difference between the two parts still exists, and not only in the minds of people who live there, but also in the buildings, streets, shops and even smell... (there are horses on the roads of eastern part :D) But it is still a one whole big city where life is fast and thrilling.

:D These outfits are absolutely stunning!! (The blue pants are suede :P)

 No, we didn't make it

This one is hilarious, at least to me. I was reading a book all the way to the plane, as it happens in big airports, everything is done too slowly. Why waste my time? The part of the book I read was so damn funny, I just couldn't resist laughing all around my sleepy co-travelers. I think someone didn't like this fact and that's why he did this picture.

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