Monday, August 15, 2011


Vogue UK August 2011

OK, so now we all know that Midi length is back and is a must-have in both summer and fall. But do we know what is the exact length of midi skirt? And what's its story?

If you google midi skirt there is absolutely nothing to catch an eye upon, so I studied a little of my home fashion literature, and that's what I found.

First of all, it's not true, that midi length is always 70's. It actually first comes from early 1910's.. Even though wealthy ladies couldn't afford wearing skirts that sat a little bit higher than their ankles, due to the fact that it was impolite, girls from working class had no such problem. Then it was War that settled the new length down; it was Gabrielle Chanel, who always wanted to cut the skirt, as she didn't know how to sew and her favorite tool were scissors... :D These pictures are from different decades.

 Only decades after fashion world realized that women can dress that way. 20's, 30's, 40's. I am talking about the lowest of the midi skirts. Bonnie, the Clyde's who lived in 30's is a nice "midi" one :D

Talking about the length itself, as you can see on the picture below, there are three midi lengths - models C, D and E. First two are minis and the last one is maxi. So, if you see the definition which says that midi skirt is always hiding only knees, or v.v. lays somewhere in the middle of your ankle, don't believe it, because its length varies.

Part II is coming along with midi trends and some pics of my  personal belongings I got from the vintage store... I guess and hope tomorrow..

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